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Options - Current Deck
Cards Sub-Tab


Options - Current Deck - Cards Sub-TabOptions - Current Deck - Cards Sub-Tab


Round Edges

Set the edge rounding for individual Decks that have rounded corners.

To set the Edge Rounding:

    1. Use the slider to change the roundness then click the Apply button.

 Options Current - Deck, Round EdgesOptions Current - Deck, Round Edges


Resize Cards

To Resize the Cards for the Current Deck:

    1. Click the Bigger or Smaller button to increase/decrease the Card or Deck size.

 Options All Decks - Appearance, ResizeOptions All Decks - Appearance, Resize


Fix the Deck Size

To permanently Fix the Deck size for the current Deck:

    1. Once the size has been set (using the + and - minus keys on the desktop) click the Fix button to permanently set that Deck's size.

 Options Current - Deck, Fix SizeOptions Current - Deck, Fix Size


Allow Reversals

Allows the Reversal of Cards in a Spread and sets the probability percentage of Cards that are dealt in the reversed position for the Current Deck.


Options Current - Deck, Percentage of ReversalsOptions Current - Deck, Percentage of Reversals


To Set the Reversal Probability Percentage for the Current Deck:

    1. Check the Allow Reversals box.
    2. Use the Up or Down Arrows or Enter a Percentage in Percentage Number field.

Transparency (for Non-Rectangular Cards)

Create a non-rectangular card (such as a circle) by defining and tagging the card for Transparency.

Options Current - Deck, Transparency DeckOptions Current - Deck, Transparency Deck

The program calculates the (0,0) pixel as transparent and applies the transparency to other card areas that match. 

To Set Transparency for a Deck

    1. Click the Transparency field to enter a check.

Options Current - Deck, Transparency SettingOptions Current - Deck, Transparency Setting


Strength v Justice

In many Decks, the Strength and Justice Cards are often transposed/exchanged and can be numbered as either 08 or 11. The Compare Cards Tool relies on the correct card numbering sequence so the same card from multiple decks can be displayed and compared. To ensure consistency, consideration should be given to renumbering these two Cards within their individual Decks, so that the Strength and Justice cards are always numbered the same throughout your Deck collection.

Use the Default Options - Cards Sub-Tab Strength v Justice tool to set the default Cards 08 and 11 for all Decks.

Use the Current Deck Options - Cards Sub-Tab Strength v Justice Tool to set Cards 08 and 11 for the Current Deck.

Current Deck - Cards sub-tab - Strength V JusticeCurrent Deck - Cards sub-tab - Strength V Justice


Images are shown for both Cards for the Current Deck.

To Swap the Strength for Justice Card Images and Notes:

    1. Click the Swap button.

The Image and LWB/Personal Card Notes will be swapped. 

Note: Use the Compare Cards tool to view Card 08 from all Decks to identify individual Decks where the Strength and Justice Cards should be swapped