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Program Tab

Options - ProgramOptions - Program





















When Starting the Program

Select the Deck behaviour that is automatically applied as the program is opened. Select from ShuffleSort Ascending or Sort Descending. The shuffling and sorting is not visible on the Desktop as the Deck pre-loads with the selected behaviour having already been applied.


Default Start Deck/Last Deck Used

Determines which Deck is loaded on opening the program.

Selecting Default Start Deck allows the selection of one Deck that will be loaded each time the program is opened.

Selecting Last Deck Used will load the same Deck that was loaded when the program was last closed.


Allow Multiple Instances of Program

Allows multiple copies of the program to be opened at the same time. 

Unchecked: Allows you to open Orphalese once.
Checked: Allows you to open multiple instances of Orphalese.

Multiple InstancesMultiple Instances


Minimize to System Tray When Closing

Hides the Program rather than closing the program. 

Prompt Before Closing

Dispays the Close Program message when the program is closed/exited. 

Extract Zip Files Automatically After Download

Automatically extracts contents of zip files when downloaded.


Rebuild My Decks Menu After Each Download

Dynamically updates the My Decks List when new Decks are downloadedcreated or moved

Use Scaled Images in RTF Reading Documents

Displays a scaled-down image of Reading Notes when copied to the Rich Text Editor 

Use HTML line breaks in email messages

When Use HTML line breaks in email messages is checked a line break (or carriage-return) is included to separate text.


Enhanced Title Bar Display

 When Enhanced Title Bar is checked, the Title Bar appears with fancy lights.


Options Fancy LightsOptions Fancy Lights


Show Easy Access Menus

Displays the Menu grid on the Desktop. Clicking on the grid opens the Menu.
Note: Ctrl + M can also be used to open the Menu.


Menu GridMenu Grid








Control Transparency (Deck Parking, Menus etc)

Use the Control Transparency slider to change the opacity of the Deck Parking Bay and Menu Grid. Moving the slider to the right displays the Deck Parking Bay and Menu Grid at its brightest.


Restore Defaults

Click the Restore Defaults button to restore program defaults.